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The Role of Aviation in the Independence of the United States

Aviation has played a pivotal role in shaping the modern United States, influencing its defense, economy, and national identity. While the country gained its independence long before the advent of powered flight, aviation has since become integral to maintaining and advancing that independence. From its early days to its current state, aviation has been a cornerstone in preserving the nation’s sovereignty and fostering its growth.

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Embracing Diversity at the Heart of St. Pete

June is a time of vibrant celebration and unity as we honor Pride Month and the beautiful diversity that makes our community unique. As Friends of Albert Whited Airport, we take great pride in supporting and celebrating the LGBTQ+ community, recognizing the airport as a central hub for the inclusive and welcoming spirit of St. Petersburg.

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Flying for Good: How Non-Profit Organizations Use Aviation for Social Impact

Aviation is more than just a means of travel; it’s a powerful vehicle for change. Community airports across the U.S. are increasingly serving as vital hubs for social good, extending their utility beyond traditional transportation to become pivotal in humanitarian and environmental efforts. These airports facilitate a range of impactful activities, from emergency medical flights to environmental monitoring missions. 

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Gateway to Growth: The Impact of Small Airports on City Business and Economy

Small airports often play a surprisingly significant role in the economic development of a city. Unlike their larger counterparts, these airports can offer more tailored services, faster processing, and closer proximity to city centers and business districts. One prime example of such a beneficial impact can be seen in the case of Albert Whitted Airport in St. Petersburg, Florida. Read More

The Impact of Albert Whitted Airport on St. Petersburg’s Hospitality Industry: A Travel & Tourism Week 2024 Spotlight

Nestled on the scenic waterfront of St. Petersburg, Florida, Albert Whitted Airport serves
as a vital gateway to the city’s vibrant heart, significantly bolstering the local hospitality
industry. As we celebrate Travel & Tourism Week 2024, it’s worth exploring how this
bustling airport has catalyzed economic growth and transformed St. Petersburg into a
must-visit destination.

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A Day of Discovery and Inspiration at the Albert Whitted Airport Second Annual Aerospace Day

Albert Whitted Airport buzzed with excitement and discovery during the second annual Aerospace Day, an event that turned the vastness of space and the intricacies of air travel into an interactive learning playground for Tampa Bay’s youth. Presented by Friends of Albert Whitted Airport (FOAWA) in partnership with St Pete Air and Passage, this year’s event soared to new heights, captivating young minds and fueling their dreams.

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Meet Olivia Silver

From the Army to the Skies: Olivia is Changing the Face of Aviation

As a St. Pete native, Olivia’s journey from being an Army intelligence systems maintainer and advisor to a flight instructor at St. Pete Air is nothing short of extraordinary. Serving in the Army from 2016 to 2021, she found herself in diverse locales – from Georgia, Texas, and Arizona to the vibrant cultures of Europe and South America. Her time at the embassy in Bogota, teaching intelligence officers how to enhance counter-narcotics efforts, wasn’t just a job; it was an incredible journey of cultural immersion and learning.

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Community Airports: Runway to the World

In the dynamic world of aviation, community airports like Albert Whitted Airport play a pivotal role that goes far beyond their physical footprint. These airports are not just transit points; they are gateways to the entire aviation industry, nurturing the next generation of aviation professionals and enthusiasts.

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