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“Being an Army airplane and helicopter pilot, Albert Whitted was my first experience with General Aviation. This led to an opportunity to enjoy flying with friends and family. On one particular occasion, I was able to take my son and grandfather flying. This was my first flight with both, and my grandfather was a fellow Army Aviator and Eastern Airlines Captain.” – Chris D.

“Albert Whitted Airport is a dream to have downtown on the water for a plane spotter and photographer. I love going down there and taking photos of the tower and airplanes and have many memories of doing so. It’s an incredible view that is iconic for St Petersburg. I feel so proud to have this airport in my city!”

– Jackie M.

“I remember when I was 16, I visited the old inverted pyramid pier one afternoon, and while I was having lunch, I was watching Albert Whitted through the window. As I was eating, I was watching the banner planes dive down and pick up and drop banners next to runway 36/18. At the time, I never knew how they got into the air with those huge banners, so witnessing how it was done blew my mind.

A few years later I was in flight school, and a few years after that, I was towing banners out of Albert Whitted; diving down to pick up banners just like I had witnessed several years prior.

I also was able to take my father flying, by renting an aircraft from St. Pete Air at Albert Whitted, and now fly for fun out of Albert Whitted as I await my start date for the biggest aviation career move of my life (a pilot for a large private jet company here in the US).

Albert Whitted has such an amazing history, branching all the way back to the dawn of commercial aviation. Being perched on the edge of our beautiful city overlooking Tampa Bay, it brings together the nostalgic feelings of the golden era of aviation and the wonder of the future in an indescribable juxtaposition. With its rich history and its picturesque location, this airport provides access to the world of aviation and inspires those who look to the sky.” – Tom K.

“My husband and I both work for a commercial airline. We got engaged at AWA!”
– Susan P

“Anotha day, anotha flight logged!

Was up in the air for 1.9 hours this AM, so we’re now at 5.6. Flying multiple times a week truly makes a difference in how comfortable & confident you feel in the plane. I’m starting to get better with the controls & my brain is processing everything faster.

We’re continuing to work on slow flight, turns, ground communication, and navigation, and touched base on engine failure & practicing what to do in emergency situations!

Very grateful to my instructor @worldsokayestpilot1 for leading me along the way. We’ll be back up tomorrow afternoon!”

“As an immediate neighbor, my little love Miss Nena (RIP) spent many hours at Whitted Park, watching flights come and go and dining outside at The Hangar restaurant. Whitted Airport was also a comfort during our late-night walks where, if needed, we could take refuge from a storm. When we walked along the water behind the Mahaffey/Dali Complex, the rescue helicopters flashed by like beacons of the promise that they are.” – Velva L.

“Growing up my mother worked downtown, and I would constantly watch the planes land or take off. Sometimes she would take me to the playground and I would pretend to be flying with my uncle, my biggest inspiration.” – Emma D

“I was in St. Pete in January 2004 and visited Albert Whitted Airport. I soon became a member of Bay Air (now St Pete Air). I’m a Belgian PPL and spend winters here in St Pete. Of course, I now rent planes from St Pete Air.” – Roger C

“I went there a couple of weeks ago and had the best time flying with one of the instructors, Pence. I got to experience taking off and zero gravity for the first time and it was one of the coolest experiences and would love to pursue piloting as a career. I feel Albert Whitted Airport would give me that opportunity to do so and I’d love to explore the opportunity.”
– Quinn C.

“I always had a love of flying since I can remember. I grew up across the bay in Ruskin and started listening to the tower frequencies when I got my first aviation band radio. Though it’s been many years since my pilot license was active, I checked out in a Piper Tomahawk there in the early 80s.

I also had my first date with a girlfriend at The Hangar Restaurant & Flight Lounge overlooking the flight line. And I have the webcam on the airport accessible on my cell phone.

I’m now 67 and living in Apollo Beach but my eyes will always look skyward towards Albert Whitted Airport as I monitor flights in and out on FlightRadar 24. Albert Whitted Airport will always have a special place in my heart.” – Steven W.

“Why do I love Albert Whitted Airport? I trained and obtained my private pilot license at Whitted.” – Jerry H.

This one from a local USFSP professor:
“I had a student in one of my classes who I learned was interested in flying and a career in aviation. I mentioned to him to talk to me after class. I got him over to the airport and we discussed multiple options for flying and careers. He just sent me a great email today”

From the student:
“Good afternoon Professor,

Recently I’ve been questioning or not whether I belong, or want to stay in college. I felt like I had no reason to continue to stay in school since I wanted to pursue one of my dreams of becoming a pilot, and this is a sentiment I have shared with my parents.

This morning after finishing one of my midterms I received a phone call from my Dad. The conversation ended with him telling me that my parents are going to gift me $1,000 to start taking flight lessons, followed by another $1,000 from my grandparents to help further my training progress. The moral of the story, for the first time in college I feel like I have a stable career/opportunity path that I’ve decided to take. However, this opportunity path was not created by myself. Yes, my family has provided the funding which helps greatly, but I would like to take the time to thank you, Professor.

If you had not introduced me to the opportunities the airport down the street offers, as well as explained to me other career paths and opportunities, I believe I wouldn’t ever have pursued my dream of flying, so for this, I thank you very much.”

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