At Albert Whitted Airport (AWA), the excitement of aviation and the wonders of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) education come together. With its rich aviation history and bustling activity, AWA serves as a perfect backdrop for introducing children to the marvels of flight, the principles of STEAM, and a holistic approach to learning that fosters innovation and creativity. This combination is not just about learning to fly; it’s about inspiring young minds through the multidisciplinary world of aviation.

Real-World Connection

Nestled in the heart of the vibrant St. Petersburg community, Albert Whitted Airport offers a unique educational experience for children. The sight of aircraft taking off and landing provides a tangible connection to the concepts they learn.

Physics and Aerodynamics

At Albert Whitted Airport, children can observe firsthand how lift, weight, thrust, and drag work together. Educational programs, like AWA’s Aerospace Days, can bring these principles to life, allowing children to ask questions and engage directly with aviation professionals.

Engineering and Design

The airport environment is a live showcase of engineering marvels. From the simplest single-engine aircraft to more complex models, each plane is a lesson in design and engineering, igniting a passion for aircraft design and aeronautical engineering.

Technology and Innovation

Albert Whitted Airport’s history, dating back to the early days of flight, offers a rich narrative of technological advancement. This story of progress, from propeller-driven aircraft to modern avionics, gives children (of all ages) a way to connect past and future technological innovations.

Mathematics in Aviation

The practical application of mathematics in aviation comes to life at Albert Whitted Airport. Calculating flight paths, understanding navigation, and even the geometry of aircraft design are all made real and exciting in the context of an operational airport.

Art Takes Flight

The new and ongoing mural projects at Albert Whitted Airport do more than just brighten up the walls—they connect art to the world of aviation. These murals give kids a creative way to see aviation: not just as a science but as something visual and expressive. They show that art is everywhere and is an important part of learning and thinking about technology and engineering. 


Field Trips and Educational Programs

Albert Whitted Airport is an ideal destination for educational field trips and events, like the ones hosted by Young Eagles. Students can explore hangars, watch aircraft maintenance, and even experience flight. Such experiences make learning tangible and memorable.

Career Inspiration

The airport exposes children to a range of careers in aviation. Meeting pilots, mechanics, and air traffic controllers broadens their understanding of the industry and inspires them to consider careers in these fields. As these children grow into young adults, AWA provides the opportunity to bring their aspirations to fruition with flight instruction and event scholarships. 

Environmental Awareness

Albert Whitted Airport is a great example of the positive environmental impact possible through aviation. Flights taking off from Albert Whitted Airport conduct research, from algae blooms to manatee migrations, providing a real-world context for exploring sustainable aviation practices and the future of eco-friendly air travel.

Albert Whitted Airport is more than just a gateway to the skies; it’s a classroom without walls, where the principles of STEAM come alive. By connecting children with the world of aviation in such a dynamic environment, we can ignite a passion for learning and a curiosity that extends beyond the runway. This experience is not just about understanding how things fly; it’s about inspiring the next generation of innovators, engineers, and pilots. At Albert Whitted Airport, the sky is truly the beginning of a lifelong journey of discovery and learning.