Nestled on the scenic waterfront of St. Petersburg, Florida, Albert Whitted Airport serves
as a vital gateway to the city’s vibrant heart, significantly bolstering the local hospitality
industry. As we celebrate Travel & Tourism Week 2024, it’s worth exploring how this
bustling airport has catalyzed economic growth and transformed St. Petersburg into a
must-visit destination.

Albert Whitted Airport, despite its modest size, punches well above its weight in
contributing to the tourism influx in St. Petersburg. The airport’s strategic location just
minutes from downtown allows visitors easy access to the city’s renowned museums,
parks, and cultural venues. This convenience is a boon for hotels, restaurants, and
attractions, especially during peak travel seasons.

Hotels & Attractions
The ease of access to and from Albert Whitted Airport and local hotels enables tourists
to choose accommodations nearby to minimize travel time and maximize their vacation.
Downtown St. Pete is home to an array of attractions and venues. Tourists fly into AWA
for rich cultural experiences and entertainment options, including the world-renowned
Salvador Dali Museum, the lush Sunken Gardens, and the thriving Mahaffey Theater.

Culinary & Retail
The airport’s influence extends into the culinary world, with many visitors dining at local
restaurants during their stay. The diversity of St. Petersburg’s culinary scene—from
seafood eateries to upscale bistros—thrives on the influx of tourists looking to sample
local flavors. Additionally, retail sectors benefit as tourists engage in shopping, often
looking for local goods and art, boosting sales for small businesses and artisan markets.

Events & Festivities
Albert Whitted Airport also plays a crucial role during major local events and festivals.
Events like the St. Petersburg Grand Prix see an uptick in visitors, and the airport often
accommodates chartered flights and increased traffic. This surge helps fill not only
hotels but also seats at local theatres and venues, showcasing the city’s cultural
offerings and supporting the arts community. The bustling Saturday Market in downtown
St. Petersburg, frequently visited by both locals and tourists arriving via Albert Whitted
Airport, enjoys a significant boost in foot traffic and sales, showcasing the vibrant local

Employment Opportunities
The sustained increase in tourists has led to growing employment opportunities in the
hospitality sector. From front desk managers to tour guides, the economic impact of the
airport is felt widely in the job market. This employment growth supports the local
economy and contributes to the overall vitality of the hospitality industry in St.

Looking Forward
As St. Petersburg continues to grow, Albert Whitted Airport is poised to expand its role
as a key economic driver. Plans for further development of airport facilities and services
promise to enhance the visitor experience and provide additional value to the city’s
tourism and hospitality sectors.

Albert Whitted Airport is more than just a point of arrival—it’s a cornerstone of St.
Petersburg’s thriving tourism industry. Its impact on the hospitality sector is a testament
to the symbiotic relationship between aviation and tourism, highlighting the airport’s role
in shaping the economic landscape of the city. As we celebrate Travel & Tourism Week
2024, it’s clear that the future of St. Petersburg’s tourism looks as sunny as its beautiful